CVI Travel Award Winners

February 2024

Chris Habrian, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Brian Kobilka, MD


Conformation Dynamics of Multiple GPCR Families and their Effectors using Single Molecule FRET

Gordon Research Conference Ligand Recognition and Molecular Gating, March 23rd-29th, Ventura California

Corey Rovzar, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, SCRDP/Heart Disease Prevention

Marcia Stefanick, PhD


Does targeting a physical activity intervention based on physical function and physical activity levels affect physical activity outcomes?: a randomized study within the WHI Strong and Healthy (WHISH) trial

AHA EpiLifestyle, 3/18/24 - 3/21/24, Chicago

Elizabeth Mayne, MD, PhD

Instructor, Neurology With Special Qualifications In Child Neurology

Marion Buckwalter, MD, PhD


Juvenile mice are susceptible to infarct-induced neurodegeneration that causes cognitive decline

International Pediatric Stroke Organization Annual Congress, Toronto Canada, March 22nd-24th, 2024

Rahel Woldeyes, PhD

Basic Life Research Scientist

Wah Chiu, MPH


Cryo-electron tomography reveals the structural diversity of cardiac proteins in their cellular context

Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy Gordon Research Seminar Dates: 06/22/2024 – 06/23/2024 Location: Rey Don Jaime Grand Hotel in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Wenduo Gu, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Cardiovascular Medicine

Thomas Quertermous, MD


Paul Cheng, MD, PhD


Discrete Population of Rare SMC Progenitors Gives Rise Exclusively to the Fibrous Cap

Keystone Symposia - Unraveling Vascular Layers to Understand Human Disease, March 17-20, 2024, in Novato, CA

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