CVI Travel Award Winners

May 2017

Mario Boehm, PhD

PI Mentor:
Edda Spiekerkoetter, MD

Reduced BMPR2 Signaling Impairs Right Ventricular Heart Function and Exaggerates Cardiac Fibrosis Upon Chronic Pressure Overload

ATS International Conference
Washington, DC

Milos Pjanic, PhD

PI Mentor:
Thomas Quertermous, MD

RNASeqFPro, a full processing pipeline for RNA-Seq differential gene expression analysis

The American Society
of Human Genetics 2017
Orlando, Florida

Markus Wagenhaeuser, MD

PI Mentor:
Philip Tsao, PhD

Nicotine Differentially Influences Segmental Aortic Stiffening

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bartlomiej Imielski, MD

PI Mentor:
Anson Lee, MD

Interobserver variability in identifying regions where targeted ablation terminates persistent atrial fibrillation using different mapping approaches

ESC Congress 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Nazish Sayed, MD, PhD

PI Mentor:
Joseph Wu, MD PhD

Modeling Endothelial Dysfunction in LMNA-related Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions 2017
Portland, Oregon

Mirwais Wardak, PhD

PI Mentor:
Sam Gambhir, MD PhD

Imaging Cardiovascular Infections of Bacterial Origin with 6ʹʹ-[18F]-Fluoromaltotriose PET/CT

Duke-Stanford Cardiovascular Research Symposium
Durham, North Carolina

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