Stanford Cardiovascular Institute Seed Grants

The Stanford Cardiovascular Institute mission is to ignite new research and clinical applications to improve cardiovascular health. We strive to promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration among students, fellows, faculty, and scientists.

In keeping with this mission, the CVI is offering a Fall call for Seed Grant Proposals. We strongly encourage proposals that emphasize interdisciplinary collaborations and incorporate diversity to better serve minority patients, conduct research identifying and overcoming disparities of care, and other innovative ideas.

2022 Stanford CVI Seed Grant Competition

These proposals will be specific for innovative and collaborative cardiovascular research.

  • Sudden Cardiac Death / Cardiac Arrhythmia funded by the Steven M. Gootter Foundation
  • Maternal and Children's Health
  • General Cardiovascular Research

Application Procedure

Application Deadline: October 7, 2022


Stanford faculty and instructor members of the CVI

Joint co-PI proposals are allowed


1-year term

Materials required for submission

Please submit one PDF file containing the following in the order listed below:

File name format: Last name_CVI_2022.pdf

1)  Cover Page:

Title of your project

Name of the PI(s), title, department, email address of PI(s)

Name of co-investigators, title, department, and email address

2)  Four-page Research Proposal: Figures included in page count.

Arial or Helvetica font, size 11, with half-inch margins, single-spaced

Include PI name and project title on each page

3)  One-page References

4)  Budget Justification: simple breakdown of total funds requested and intended use. No restrictions apply.

5)  NIH-format Biosketch: for PI, co-PI, and co-investigators

| General Template |

| Cardiac Sudden Death Template |

Maternal and Child Health Template |


Amanda Chase, PhD
Associate Director of Strategic Research Development

Funded in part by the Steven M. Gootter Foundation

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