August 15 - 16, 2024

Paul Berg Hall, Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford University

Poster Deadline: July 31, 2024

Keynote Speakers

Victor Dzau, MD

James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Duke University

Ivor Benjamin, MD

Director, Cardiovascular Center, Professor of Medicine, Medical College Wisconsin

Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Ward Professor and Director, Center for Genetic Medicine, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

Victor J. Dzau, MD, Distinguished Lecture in Cardiovascular Medicine


Kevin Alexander, MD

Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Tina Hernanez-Boussard, MD

Prof of Biomedical Informatics, of Biomed Data Science, and of Surgery; Assoc Dean of Research

Jim Liao, MD

The Robert S. and Irene Flinn Endowed Chair in Medicine; Chair, Department of Medicine; Professor, Medicine, Univ of Arizona

Anekwe Onwuanyi, MD

Professor and Chief of Cardiology, Morehouse School of Medicine

Hesham Sadek, MD, PhD

Director, Sarver Heart Center; Chief, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, University of Arizona

Jil Tardiff, MD, PhD

Prof of Biomedical Engineering, Prof of Medicine, Prof of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Arizona

Paul Heidenreich, MD

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Mark Hlatky, MD

Professor of Health Policy and of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine

Nicole Lohr, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Latha Palaniappan, MD

Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine

Palaniappan Sethu, PhD

Associate Professor, Depart of Biomedical Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Herman Taylor, MD, MPH

Endowed Professor and Director, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine

Jay Zhang, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Chairman, Departmentt of Biomedical Engineering, SOM and SOE, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Sarah Heilshorn, PhD

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford School of Medicine

Beth Kaufman, MD

Clinical Professor, Pediatric Cardiology

Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine

Victoria Parikh, MD

Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Marcia Stefanick, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center, and of OBGYN, Stanford School of Medicine

Alan Tita, PhD

Mary Heersink Endowed Chair of Global Health; Director, Mary Heersink Institue of Global Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham


All times are Pacific Time


Organizing Committee

Vinicio de Jesus Perez, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)

Sanjiv Narayan, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Nazish Sayed, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery

Amanda Chase, PhD

Associate Director of Strategic Research Development

Ngan Huang, PhD

Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery (Research)

Patricia Nguyen, MD

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Joseph Wu, MD, PhD

Director Stanford Cardiovascular Institute; Simon H. Stertzer, MD, Professor

Francesca Tongco, MS-HCA

Project Coordinator

Joshua Knowles, MD

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Sushma Reddy, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology)

Sean Wu, MD, PhD

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine


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