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The best progress in medicine happens in partnership with patients and families

We’ve learned more about cancer in the past two decades than we have over the entire history of medicine, thanks to advances in fields such as genomics, immunology, and data science. That understanding has led to outcomes that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Many patients with advanced disease once considered to be universally fatal—are in remission thanks to new treatments—and the pace of discovery is accelerating toward more precise, curative treatment protocols. Read the white paper.

Stanford is a global leader in the research and treatment of cutaneous lymphoma. As a rare cancer, scientific funding is limited making support of the community essential to meaningful progress. By investing in the work of Stanford’s Multi-disciplinary Cutaneous and T-cell Lymphoma Program, your contribution will go directly to support cutting-edge research to develop new treatments with more lasting, durable effect to improve patients’ lives. Our faculty are recognized leaders with a proven track record of success. They are tireless in the quest to beat this rarest of cancers and to leverage what they’re learning in the lab to improve treatment for other cancers as well. Join us in helping to realize the power of medical research to save lives. 

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