Jennifer Wang, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Member of Stanford’s Multidisciplinary Cutaneous and T-Cell Lymphoma Program 

Dr. Jennifer Wang joined our multidisciplinary CL program in 2021 and serves as Director of the Cutaneous Oncology Tumor Board at Stanford Cancer Center.

Dr. Wang is a California native and Stanford "lifer". She completed an undergraduate degree in biology, her medical degree, dermatology residency, and a dermatopathology fellowship all at Stanford University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Wang was first exposed to CTCL as a resident rotating through Dr. Youn Kim's clinic. She was fascinated by the diverse clinical and pathologic presentations of the disease, and impressed to witness what a powerful impact a multidisciplinary approach can have in treating a rare and challenging condition. On completion of residency and fellowship training, Dr. Wang sought a way to combine clinical dermatology and pathology into daily practice. She found CTCL to be a perfect focus. 

As a dermatopathology fellow, Dr. Wang helped to characterize mogamulizumab-associated rash, a major side effect that can affect patient and provider's decisions to continue with this treatment. She presented Stanford's findings at the 4th World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphoma in 2020, with subsequent publications in major medical journals. Currently Dr. Wang is building on this important work and hoping to dive deeper into other areas of CTCL research to better understand how molecular and pathological features can help physician-scientists better diagnose, characterize, and treat the disease.