Verify Room Availability

**Standard course room requests will be submitted through CPS. ONLY verification of availability will be completed in 25 Live. All main campus room requests must be in alignement with standard meeting patterns

Log into 25 Live Pro

Click Event Form


Populate the Event Name, Event Type, and Primary Organization for this Event field - information is irrelevant because room request will be submitted through CPS, 25 Live is only used to search availability

Populate the Expected Head Count and the date and time of the first class of the quarter in the Event Date and Time - main campus room requests must adhere to standard meeting patterns

Click Repeating Pattern

Populate the highlighted fields according to the class schedule for the offered quarter and click Select Pattern

Standard quarter dates: 
Autumn 2019-2020- 9/28-12/06
Winter 2019-2020 - 01/06-03/13
Spring 2019-2020 - 03/30-06/03
Summer 2019-2020- 06/22-08/13

Check Hide Locations with Conflicts and select Registrar Rooms- All from the drop down menu, click Search

A list of spaces will populate based on the entered information - reminder: do not submit your request through 25 Live, all class requests are submitted in CPS 

Review main campus room scheduling instructions here