Instructor/TA Designation

To add a instructor and/or TA to a class listing. Designation must be made for each quarter the class is offered, and information will roll over to the following academic year each May during Prior Term Copy and must be adjusted as needed. 

  • Log into¬†CPS
  • Select the appropriate quarter

Select the department from which the course is being offered

Select the appropriate course

Select the section

If the course is crosslisted, updates must be made from the owning section

Click the pencil next to the instructor listing

All listed instructor information will populate

To add an instructor, click the green plus sign, to delete click the trash icon

Select the appropriate instructor/TA, role, and approve from the roster drop down; select print for primary and secondary instructors only (TAs are not listed on the official transcript)

To confirm primary instructor eligibility, see Instructor Eligibility 

If instructor/TA are not listed, see Instructor/TA Departmental Approval

Click accept

  • Click Save Section

Staff information will populate in Explore Courses overnight after receiving approval if workflow is required