Course Administration Resources & Job Aids

For all of the necessary course administrator access, complete the following:

  1. PeopleSoft training (Student Records and Course Maintenance)
  2. Complete the class permissions training (this will allow you to generate codes for courses with required enrollment permissions)
  3. Review the information regarding course administration and classroom scheduling on the Curriculum Management website
  4. Review the academic calendar and deadlines

After completing the PeopleSoft training and reviewing information regarding CPS, contact for authority. You will also be added to the SOM course administrator mailing list:

Scheduling Support Links :

  • Med Scheduler: Med room reservations/cancellations, etc.
  • Central Registrar's Office learning library: Includes dates for main campus room scheduling 
  • Coursedog: Stanford's new Curriculum Management platform - Program and Bulletin content currently managed through Coursedog and will eventually include all Course, Program, Bulletin, Program Review, and Class Schedule changes
  • Coursedog Tutorials: An introduction to the platform as well as video tutorials
  • Tuition Revenue Sharing: Information on tuition revenue
  • Canvas Support: Includes helpful information on bringing your class online 
  • Online Tool Support: Tools/platforms approved for university-wide use as of January 2020
  • Teach Anywhere: Site focused on Stanford academic policy and guidance during the COVID-19 global pandemic
  • Teaching Commons: Designed for all members of the Stanford community (instructors, TAs, support staff) who are interested in learning, education, and pedagogy
  • Video Self Capture: Self-capture quick start guide 
  • Instructor Media Equiptment Loans: Different tech solutions fit best with different teaching styles and class goals
Add an independent study section in CPS To list a new instructor under an independent study section.
Add a discussion/lab section in CLSS To schedule lab/discussion sections linked to a primary lecture.
Assign/remove an instructor/TA To assign, modify or remove a primary, secondary instructor, or TA to a class.
Class permissions For classes requiring consent for enrollment, permission codes must be provided to eligible students. 
Instructor/TA departmental approval To approve an instructor or TA for class assignment in CPS (per department). 
Instructor eligibility Primary instructors are classified as a full, associate or assistant professor or a full or associate clinical instructor. Other titles may be listed as a secondary instructor and are required to list an additional, eligible primary instructor. ***For any possibility of an exception contact for approval.
Enter Class Meeting Patterns If you are choosing a non-standard meeting pattern that is not already listed, it can be entered manually.  In CPS, click the Schedule link for the course, then click Patterns at the top of the webform. In the text box at the bottom of the drop down menu enter your desired pattern with NO commas and include AM or PM for both the start and end time.
For example: MWF 9:30AM-10:20AM or TTh 1:30PM-2:50PM
Date codes: 
T- Tuesday
Th- Thursday
F- Friday
Sa- Saturday
Update enrollment status (ex: consent required/not required) To update he enrollment status of a class to required consent.
Verify room availability  To search room availability on the main campus - request will be submitted through CPS. 


Please contact with suggestions/questions.