Course Administration Resources 

For all of the necessary course administrator access, complete the following:

  1. PeopleSoft training (Student Records and Course Maintenance)
  2. Complete the class permissions training (this will allow you to generate codes for courses with required enrollment permissions)
  3. For access to the Coursedog scheduling system, enroll in CMS Intro Courses: 
    1. Curriculum Management Basics
    2. Introduction to Coursedog
  4. Review the information regarding course administration and classroom scheduling on the Curriculum Management website
  5. Review the academic calendar and deadlines

After completing the PeopleSoft training and reviewing information regarding Coursedog, contact for authority. You will also be added to the SOM course administrator mailing list:

System Links: 

  • Course format is conducive to an online Zoom modality. If the course is small group and interactive, these should be held in-person.  
  • Course objectives align with remote learning (i.e., telehealth, radiology review, computational).
  • Virtual format will allow for participation from a diverse speaker or patient population. (The default expectation is that speakers and/or patients should be Zoomed into in-person classes). 
  • Seminar series are approved to be held virtually.
  • Courses that were online prior to the pandemic can continue virtually.

Complete the remote instruction application here