Roles & Responsibilities

The School of Medicine (SoM) Registrar's Office Curriculum Administrators and Department Course Administrators collaborate to maintain the accuracy of curriculum offered to SoM students.  Roles and responsibilities are detailed below:  

SoM Department Curriculum & Course Administrators

  • Create and maintain course and clerkship data through administrative systems as displayed in Explore Courses - coordinate department's annual updates to Coursedog course catalog database
  • Coordinate department's annual updates to quarterly class schedules
    • Update course or scheduling data occuring during the academic year through Axess PSCoursedog and CLSS
    • Update department's faculty lists for Independent Study sections 
  • Establish procedures and administer the process for creating new courses
  • Coordinate annual prior term copy activities
  • Ensure compliance with Stanford University policy (e.g., unit value, cross-listing)
  • Enforce primary instructor eligibility. Primary instructors must have an appointment in the UTL, NTL, MCL, or CE lines - this does not include adjunct or affiliate faculty. Other titles may be listed as a secondary instructor and are required to list an additional, eligible primary instructor.