Roles & Responsibilities

The School of Medicine (SoM) Registrar's Office Curriculum Administrators and Department Course Administrators work together closely to maintain the accuracy of curriculum offered to SoM students.  Roles and responsibilities are detailed below:  

SoM Registrar's Office Curriculum Administrators

  1. Create and maintain course and clerkship data 
    1. PeopleSoft Course Catalog Database
    2. CPS CLSS
    3. SoM Course and Clerkship listings in ExploreCourses
  2. Train SoM Department Course Administrators to use administrative systems
    1. PeopleSoft Webform
    2. CPS CLSS
    3. Coursedog
  3. Establish procedures and administer the process for creating new courses
  4. Ensure compliance with Stanford University policy (e.g., unit value, cross-listing)
  5. Coordinate annual prior term copy activities

SoM Department Course Administrators

  1. Coordinate department's annual updates to PeopleSoft Course Catalog Database
    1. Run Course Inventory Report
    2. Distribute existing course data to Department Chair and respective instructors
    3. Verify and udate course records electronically using the PeopleSoft Add/Update Course Catalog Webform
    4. Guide and assist faculty with the process of proposing new SoM courses
  2. Coordinate department's annual updates to quarterly Class Time Schedules
    1. Run Class Meetings Report: CS_RPT_CLASS_001 - instructions here
    2. Distribute exisiting Time Schedule data to respective faculty and collect/compile updates
    3. Enter updates for all four quarters using the CPS CLSS webform
    4. Coordinate/request room reservations for all classes in the med buildings
  3. Update department's faculty lists for Independent Study sections 
  4. Update course or scheduling data occuring during the academic year through Axess PS, Coursedog and CLSS