Clerkship Offerings - Annual Review

Each winter, clerkship offerings at the School of Medicine (SoM) must be reviewed to ensure that the SoM Course Catalog (MedCatalog) is accurate for incoming clinical students who will enter the Draw in March. Records are reviewed to accuratley reflect continuing, new, and no longer offered clerkships.  

The annual clerkship review is conducted by the Associate Director of Clerkship Administration.  The process for reviewing records usually starts in January. Clerkship directors are contacted to indicate needed updates that will be made to the PeopleSoft Course database, Fishbowl System, and the MedCatalog.  Changes are made in time for the Draw, when incoming clinical students select and set their clerkship schedules for the up-coming two years.

Every effort is made to finalize clerkship data prior to the Draw.  However, unexpected changes do occur after the Draw has taken place. Any such changes are communicated by email to the Associate Director of Clerkship Administration who updates the information in the MedCatalog and the Fishbowl System.