Class Time Schedule System Access & Reports

PeopleSoft, CPS CLSS, and OBIEE are Web-based applications required for curriculum management (and for class scheduling). Both PS and OBIEE systems are supported by Stanford University Administrative Systems; troubleshooting or technical support requests should be made via Services & Support or by calling 5-HELP (5-4357). CPS CLSS is supported by the University Registrar's Office; troubleshooting or tedchnical support requests should be made via Service Now

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

OBIEE (also known as BI) is the reporting mechanism for reviewing information in the PeopleSoft database. Standard reports are set up to extract data that is uploaded each night from PeopleSoft. Access to BI may be granted to staff who complete training, or limited access to curriculum management reports may be arranged with the Curriculum Administrator.


PeopleSoft is the database of record for Stanford University, and includes all Course Catalog and Class Time Schedule records. Curriculum managers access and update information using Webforms. To enter PeopleSoft and use the Webforms, staff must first complete training in the system for Student Administration, after which they may be granted permission. For the School of Medicine, this training may include the curriculum management workshop or individualized instructions with the Curriculum Administrator.

Class Scheduling Web Forms

Enter the PeopleSoft system through Axess. Once you have been authorized to use PeopleSoft, you should find a "CS Admin" application tab when you enter the Axess system. In the navigation, select "Curriculum Management," then "Course and Class WebForms." "Update Class" is the Webform you will use most, to change information for a class that has already been loaded to the time schedule from the course catalog. The "Add Class " form is used only for an existing, active course that did not appear in the time schedule at all, usually because it was not offered the previous year and the NOTTHIS wasn’t updated in the Course Catalog, or it is alternate years and the NOTTHISALT wasn’t updated, or it is a new course added to the catalog after Prior Term Copy was run.   

Reporting: an extensive library of reporting and audits are availble through the main campus Student Academic Services Learning Library.


Changes to course scheduling can be submitted through CPS/CLSS. Once PS training has been completed, contact the Curriculum Administrator to be granted authority. For clarification on PS vs. CPS see our FAQs. Trainings are available at the University Regsitrar's website.