Classroom Scheduling

View the Annual Curriculum Management Workshop Presentation & Resource Material stored on Stanford Medicine Box.  

Most School of Medicine (SoM) classes meet in SoM rooms, some classes are held in department controlled spaces, and by exception, particularly undergraduate offerings, are in main campus classrooms.  Courses active in the PeopleSoft Course Catalog database may be scheduled as classes for enrollment during specified academic quarters. See Phase 2: Preparing for Priority Room Scheduling for instructions on how to update quarterly class scheduling. Scheduling information should be entered through Coursedog. To facilitate students’ program planning, class scheduling for all four quarters of the academic year is completed prior to Autumn Quarter enrollment opening.

Each Spring Quarter, a process called Prior Term Copy creates the first draft of the class schedule for the next academic year. Any course given in the current academic year is copied and will appear in the new academic year class schedule. The class days, times, instructors (including TA names), and class notes are copied forward from the current year. Class locations are not copied. Room assignment is a separate process that's run annually on the main campus and bi-annually in the School of Medicine.

Meticulous review and update of Class Time Schedule data takes place after Prior Term Copy to ensure that the information is accurate for the next academic year. School of Medicine Department Course Administrators, with input from instructors and support from the SoM Registrar's Office Curriculum Management staff, are responsible for conducting the review and updating class schedule information.

Standard Meeting Times

As of Fall 2015, the School of Medicine adheres to the standard meeting patterns set by the Academic Senate. 

Reserving and Reporting School of Medicine Classrooms

SoM room features, scheduling policies, and reservation information can be found on the Medscheduler website. The website also covers building locations, types, and capacities. Department Course Administrators submit their room requests for academic classes to the Learning Spaces Operations Team.

SoM classrooms are scheduled on a semi-annual basis for all four quarters as part of Phase 2: Preparing for Priority Course Scheduling, a suggested job aid can be referenced here. The deadline for Autumn and Winter Quarter room requests is July 1st. The deadline for Spring and Summer Quarter submissions is on November 19th. Contact your department's course administrator for more information. All classrooms will be assigned before Explore Courses is published for the upcoming academic year (August 15th). 

Review the Medscheduler website for instructions. 

Reserving and Reporting Department Managed Spaces

Some SoM classes meet in small conference rooms or department-managed spaces that are not controlled by SoM or University room schedulers. Department Course Administrators reserve such spaces independently.

Department Course Administrators enter classroom spaces reserved independently using the CPS/CLSS webform.  Some independently managed spaces do not have codes in the Peoplesoft database, so they must be entered as text in the Notes field of the webform.

Reserving and Reporting Main Campus Classrooms

If Med Scheduler is unable to accommodate a room request, main campus classrooms are scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar (RSO). All classes requesting a main campus space must adhere to standard meeting patterns. Email to request a main campus space.