Course Types

Standard Offerings

  • Undergraduate -- Requires department approval. Course number is '199' or below
  • Graduate -- Requires department approvals. Course number is '200' or above
  • "MED" -- Required MD courses and clerkships. Requires approval by the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) in the School of Medicine Faculty Senate of the Office of Medical Education (OME). Course number is '200' or above.


Cross-listings are appropriate when a given course is listed as both undergraduate and graduate, or in more than one department. Courses may be crosslisted when the owner or host of the course, along with the host’s department chair, authorizes this process and receives agreement to crosslist the course from the recipient department(s) or interdepartmental program(s). The "owning" department can be managed in CLSS. Crosslisting is considered particularly appropriate when the crosslisted course counts towards the degree requirements for a student majoring in the receiving department(s) or IDP(s) and when it is considered appropriate that the student official transcript reflect the subject of the receiving department.

Individual Study (INS)

In most cases, individual study offerings have course numbers that conform to the standard classifications:

  • 199 — Undergraduate Research
  • 280 — Early Clinical Experience
  • 299 — Directed Reading (graduate students)
  • 370 — Medical Scholars Research
  • 399 — Graduate Research
  • 801 — Master’s Project/Thesis (TGR)
  • 802 — PhD Thesis (TGR)

Clerkships (CLK)

Requires approval by the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) in the School of Medicine Faculty Senate. Course number is "300 -398 " with suffix indicating location.

  • A — Stanford University Medical Center (SUMC)
  • B — Palo Alto Veterans Administration Medical Center (PAVAMC)
  • C — Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC)
  • D — Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (KPMC)
  • I — International
  • W — Away (taken at another institution with Stanford approval)

Introductory Seminars Program

Offered through  Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS) in the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Courses exclusively for freshmen and sophomores created and taught by faculty throughout the university. Requires SIS and department approval. Course number is "99" or below with suffix "N" or 

*Instructor Qualifications

All School of Medicine classes are required to list an eligible primary instructor. Primary instructors must have an appointment in the UTL (University Tenure Line), NTL (Non-Tenure Line), MCL (Medical Center Line), or CE (clinical educator) lines - this does not include adjunct or affiliate faculty. Other titles may be listed as a secondary instructor and are required to list an additional, eligible primary instructor.