Create a Course

Different types of courses require different processes to be approved as new offerings and added to the course catalog. In every case, signatures of the department chair or program director, and the instructor (course director) must be provided on a form submitted to the Curriculum Administrator. In some cases, new courses must also be approved by a committee or administrative entity in charge of developing the MD curriculum.

Review the University Registar's website for course set up and revision deadlines.

Elements of a Course Record provides information on course descriptions, unit values, grading options and other course details.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning offers many resources for designing and implementing high-quality learning experiences for students.

Standard Grad/Undergrad Course

Requests for most courses offered by the School of Medicine are submitted using the Graduate/Undergraduate New Course Submission Form. Faculty work through the Department Course Administrator in their respective department to complete the form and obtain the required approval signatures. Completed proposals should be submitted to the Curriculum Administrator for review and course set-up. Note that it can take as long as four to six weeks for new courses to be fully approved and ready for student enrollment.

Grad/Undergraduate Course Form

Required Course in the MD Program Curriculum

Requests for courses that are to become part of the required MD curriculum must pass the further step of review by the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) in the School of Medicine Faculty Senate. Staff or faculty interested in suggesting such a course should first contact the Office of Medical Education (OME).

Required Course Form

Elective Course in the MD Program Curriculum

Elective courses for MD students only require review by CCAP and must be authorized by the Associate Dean for Medical Education in OME. Note that it can take as long as four to six weeks for new courses to be fully approved and ready for student enrollment.

Medical Elective Course Form

Cross-listed Courses

Courses may be cross-listed when the owner or host of the course, along with the host’s department chair or curriculum committee and subject to any school-wide policies, authorizes this process and receives agreement to cross-list the course from the recipient department(s) or interdepartmental program(s). Cross-listing is considered particularly appropriate when the cross-listed course counts towards the degree requirements for a student majoring in the receiving department(s) or IDP(s) and when it is considered appropriate that the student official transcript reflect the subject of the receiving department.

Cross-listed Course Form

Directed Reading Section

Directed Readings are available under the “299” course in the subject code of the instructor. Check ExploreCourses to see available sections.   New Directed Reading sections can be created for an instructor with the title Assistant Professor or higher.

To add instructors to a Directed Reading section, contact the corresponding department course administrators who can add a section through CLSS. Alternatively, requests can be sent to Include the faculty name, faculty SUID, and the relevant department/subject code.

Once a student arranges for a Directed Reading with a faculty instructor, the student enrolls in Axess for the 299 course in the corresponding subject area, under the section assigned to the instructor.


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