Course Catalog System Access & Reports

PeopleSoft and BI Publisher are Web-based applications required for curriculum management (and for class scheduling). Both systems are supported by Stanford University Administrative Systems; troubleshooting or technical support requests should be made via Service Now or by calling 1-866-993-7772 for assistance. 

Course Catalog Data Report

The OBIEE Course Catalog Data Report (PS_SR087) shows current course data for each of the  active courses in a given department. To run the report: Go to In the left navigation drill down through the folders "Student Administration," "Student Records," and "Course Scheduling." Select and run the "Course Catalog Data Rpt (PS_SR087)":

Departments without Clerkships: Click on Process Report

  1. Subject -choose subject from drop down list; click ok
  2. Component Type – click on Select  All

  3. Click ok in “processing complete” box

Departments with Clerkships: Click on Process Report

  1. Subject –choose subject from drop down list, click ok
  2. Component Type – highlight all components except CLK to filter out Clerkships.

  3. Click ok in “processing complete” box

The best choice for viewing the report is “View by Subject and Catalog Number.”  To distribute course data electronically to respective faculty you will need to create either a PDF or a Word Document.  The Word Document is a little more trouble to create, but is easier to manipulate.

Click on View by Subject and Catalog Number
 “File” →”Export”→”Section”.  Save as type: PDF

Click on View by Subject and Catalog Number
“File” →”Export”→”Section”.  Save as type: TEXT (Tab delimited) somewhere where you can find it
Open a blank Word document
Go to “File”→”Open” →”Look in” (wherever you save the TEXT document)→”File Name” (click on the TEXT document name)→”Save”

The Word Document needs one bit of formatting to clear embedded paragraph returns that cause  white space within records.  Go to “Edit”→”Replace”→”Find what:”. Enter a string of eight ^p [Shift6+p eight times].  Leave “Replace with” blank. Click on “Replace All.” Save.


PeopleSoft is the database of record for Stanford University, and includes all Course Catalog and Class Time Schedule records. Curriculum managers access and update information using Web forms. To enter PeopleSoft and use the Web forms, staff must first complete training in the system for Student Administration, after which they may be granted permission. For the School of Medicine, this training may include the curriculum management workshop or individualized instructions with the Curriculum Administrator.

People Soft offers a number of queries helpful to reviewing and revising existing course data.

Course Catalog Web Form

The Course Catalog Web Form is used to add new courses to the PeopleSoft Catalog and to deactivate or make changes to existing courses.

Enter the PeopleSoft system through Axess. Once you have been authorized to use PeopleSoft, you should find a "PeopleSoft" application tab when you enter the Axess system. In the left-hand navigation, select "Curriculum Management," then "Course and Class Web Forms." The "Add/Update Course Catalog" form is the tool for updating course records.