Canceling a Class

Classes can be cancelled by the Department Course Administrator.

For a future quarter cancellation, complete the PS Course Catalog webform to adjust the course attributes.  Canceling a class in one quarter does not automatically cancel it for the entire academic year.

Canceling a class after enrollment has opened for a quarter is problematic and should be avoided by carefully reviewing the time schedule prior to open enrollment. If a class must be cancelled after enrollment has opened, the Department Course Administrator must immediately update the course status to "Stop Further Enrollment" in CPS CLSS


All students who have enrolled in the course are to be notified in time to enroll in another appropriate course. Changes to a student's enrollment may affect compliance with the student's status, payment of a stipend, or affect other educational financial support. Once enrollment is at zero the course status can be updated to "Cancelled" in CPS CLSS. A class can not be cancelled if ANY students are enrolled