Annual Course Catalog Review & Update

School of Medicine courses are copied over to the subsequent academic year through a process called “Prior Term Copy”. Existing courses must be reviewed by the department Course Administrator and the title, description, units, grading bases, repeatability, and components of a course should be designated, and new courses/crosslistings should be added, before the PTC process is run.

After the completion of Prior Term Copy and the publishing of courses for the upcoming academic year, the Course Administrator coordinates with class instructors to determine and enter information relevant to classroom scheduling by the applicable deadline.

View the Annual Curriculum Management Workshop Presentation & Resource Material stored on Stanford Medicine Box.  

Important Dates/Deadlines for 2022-2023

4/21/2022 1-3PM *Course Management Workshop (Main campus and School of Medicine) - recording
5/10/2022 10-11:30AM SOM Class Management Workshop - recording
5/13/2022 4PM Deadline for course changes including new courses, crosslistings, quarter classes will be taught, grading basis, units, components
5/16-5/20/2022   Prior Term Copy- courses copied over for the 2022-2023 academic year
5/25/2022 10:00-11:30AM Room scheduling lab via Zoom
6/8/2022 9-10AM Room scheduling lab via Zoom
6/22/2022 2-3PM Room scheduling lab via Zoom
7/1/2022 4PM Medscheduler deadline for SOM room requests in Med buildings

* Registration required prior to attendance

Open lab for the Regsitrar- Courses will be held every Thursday from 10-11AM via Zoom

Updating Existing Courses

It is the duty of the Course Administrator to coordinate with their department's faculty to determine course/class scheduling for the upcoming year. This includes adding new courses, inactivating retired courses, and updating existing courses. Information on Maintaining Course Inventory can be found here

Adding New Courses

As of the May 2022, new courses should be added through the Coursedog scheduling platform. See here for step by step instructions. 

Adding New Cross-listings

  1. Provide faculty member the Cross-listing Policy for review and submit a New Cross-listed Course Submission Form
  2. Collect the completed form with required signatures and confirm that the requested cross-listing meets university cross-listing criteria
  3. Submit the hard-copy New Cross-listed Course Submission Form with signatures to the SoM Registrar's Office