Annual Course Catalog Review & Update

In preparation of 2024-2025 course/class scheduling, School of Medicine department course administrators are strongly encouraged to attend two trainings. The first (Course Management Basics – CMS 300) will focus on preparing for prior term copy in collaboration with the central University Registrar’s Office. The second (SOM class scheduling workshop) will focus on class and room scheduling in collaboration with the Medscheduler team. Recordings of both workshops will be sent out via the email list and published on the Curriculum Management website upon completion. 

There are three primary milestones of course and class scheduling:

Course Maintenance: before the course catalog is created for the upcoming year in a process called prior term copy, where the current academic year is rolled forward to populate the following year's classes, course inventory should be carefully reviewed and revised. 

Deadline: Prior Term Copy, May 17th

Expected revisions include: 


Priority Room Scheduling: most School of Medicine (SoM) classes meet in Med building spaces, some meet in department controlled spaces, and by exception, some meet in main campus classrooms. Medscheduler assigns rooms bi-annually, additional information regarding the room scheduling process is available at the Medscheduler websiteClass meeting patterns, the maximum enrollment capacity, preferred room capacity and at least one SOM room feature must be entered into Coursedog by the room scheduling deadline to be assigned a space. 

Deadline: Autumn/Winter: 07/12/2024; Spring/Summer: 10/18/2024

Final review: there are a subset of data, while not needed for Priority Room Scheduling, that are important to review and to have accurate prior to when student enrollment planning opens. 

Important Dates/Deadlines for 2024-2025

Date Time Event
4/11/2024 2-3PM *CMS 300- CMS Course Management Basics (2-3PM) - registration required
5/17/2024   Course Updates for Prior Term Copy Due: Deadline to submit course changes to be included in 2024-2025 Prior Term Copy Process
5/20-5/24/2024   Prior Term Copy (PTC)- Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarter classes will be scheduled for the 2024-2025 academic year 
5/29/2024 1-2:30PM SOM scheduling workshop 
6/25/2024 1-4PM Optional scheduling lab with central University- in person; room 320-220
6/26/2024 9-12PM Optional scheduling lab with central University- in person; room 200-107
6/28/2024   Medscheduler required course room request deadline for Autumn/Winter
7/10/2024 1-3PM Optional SOM scheduling lab – virtual (1-3PM) via Zoom
7/12/2024   Medscheduler Aut/Win room request deadline for standard classes
7/12/2024   Autumn Phase 2 Central University Room Scheduling Deadline
7/15-7/19/2024   Coursedog edits closed for scheduling
8/12-8/16/2024   Stanford Bulletin published with academic year 2024-25 degree requirements and course offerings
9/2/2024   Deadline for departments to update course grading basis, unit, and/or component configuration for classes offered in Autumn
TBD - early October   PTC for Summer classes 
10/18/2024   Medscheduler required course room request deadline for Spring/Summer
10/18/2024   Winter Phase 2 Central University Room Scheduling Deadline
1/31/2025   Spring Phase 2 Central University Room Scheduling Deadline
3/7/2025   Summer Phase 2 Central University Room Scheduling Deadline

*Additional offerings of CMS 300 are available here, SOM departments are strongly encouraged to attend the 4/11 training

Open lab for the Regsitrar- Courses will be held every Thursday from 10-11AM via Zoom