Course Administration

All courses offered to matriculating Stanford students are managed through a central course catalog (availalbe at ExploreCourses or the Stanford Bulletin), Coursedog scheduling system, and a PeopleSoft database administered by Stanford's Office of the University Registrar. The catalog's course records contain the information required for all curriculum management at Stanford, from populating each quarter's time schedule of classes for enrollment to recording courses on students' transcripts. A course catalog record reflects the offering's most critical and durable elements, such as course title, description, units, and grading basis.

Meticulous review and update of course data take place annually to ensure that the information is accurate for the next academic year. School of Medicine Department Course Administrators — with input from instructors — are responsible for conducting the review and updating course records.

NOTE: A course must be active in the catalog in order to schedule a class for enrollment. Once a course is active, separate scheduling administration must take place to allow enrollment. For information regarding the scheduling of classes, visit Class and Room Scheduling.