Lung Recovery and Bioengineering Laboratory

Brandon A. Guenthart Lab

Brandon A. Guenthart, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Laboratory for Lung Recovery and Bioengineering is a collaborative research group working on expanding the pool of donor lungs and developing novel therapeutics to alleviate end-stage lung disease. Working to advance the field of ex vivo lung perfusion and advanced mechanical support, Dr. Guenthart and his colleagues have developed systems capable of prolonged normothermic organ support by harnessing the systemic regulation of the body. This radical advance allows for interventional therapies, functional recovery, cellular regeneration, and whole organ bioengineering.

With the bold vision to address the challenges and limitations in organ transplantation and regenerative medicine, the lab explores bioengineered solutions inspired by nature. Current work is focused on investigating cell-based therapeutics and extracellular matrix biomaterials in human ex vivo platforms and large animal models. Through this work, additional enabling technologies have been developed, including an airway cell replacement device, biomimetic lung sealant, and non-invasive lung imaging diagnostics. 

Moeed Fawad

Life Science Research Professional

Joe Simmons, NP, ACNPC, CCNS, RNFA

Lead APP Surgical MCS/Heart and Lung Transplant Inpatient Team