Are You Smarter Than Your Attending?

Smartphone app contest created by Edward Bender featured at 2021 AATS Annual Meeting

May 20, 2021

The AATS-sponsored contest, "Smarter Than Your Attending?" concluded in February after challenging participants' knowledge of cardiothoracic surgery. This iOS and Android smartphone game app created by Edward Bender, MD—clinical professor in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery—provided five questions every week for six weeks covering topics in Adult and Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Lung and Chest Wall Surgery, Diaphragm and Mediastinal Surgery, and Critical Care. Contestants answered multiple choice questions, and the question and answer sessions were timed to provide some fun and drama.

Promo ad for Smarter Than Your Attending contest

After a period of practice questions, push notifications began appearing on January 4, 2021, unlocking five new questions each week. The questions were taken from Self Examination Self Assessment in Thoracic Surgery (SESATS) tests and presented to participants in a multiple choice format consisting of five questions per week for six weeks. Some questions included x-ray and photomicrograph images and cardiac cath videos. The questions were timed so that answering quickly and accurately resulted in higher scores.

The contest had 150 downloads and 50 active participants, representing countries from Algeria to Uzbekistan, with the top six scorers being awarded free tuition to the upcoming AATS national meeting. The contest was open to attending, trainees, and students.

Edward Bender, MD