Registration Process

See below for resources to develop study budgets and manage the registration process required before you can begin your study at CTRU.

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  • Budget Submisison & Study Onboarding
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Guidelines for Budgeting, Submitting and On-boarding studies with CTRU

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  1. Completing the Budgeting workbook.    
    1. Please download the Budgeting workbook to develop your CTRU study budget and proposal. The workbook contains Instructions for use on the first tab and is set up with separate tabs for budgeting “Industry” or “Non-Industry” trials.
    2. CTRU Service descriptions are also included in the workbook.
    3. Please download the workbook each time you submit a study budget to ensure you have the most up-to-date version. 
    4. Do not make your submission with alternative workbooks.
  2. Submit to CTRU via Smartsheets.
    1. Submissions can be made via the Smartsheet portal.
    2. All required documents (Workbook, IRB approval, Study Protocol, Lab Manual etc.)  can be “drag and dropped” to the Smartsheet portal. 
  3. Study Review
    1. CTRU will perform a feasibility review, which takes 14 business days.
  4. Contingent Approval
    1. Using the contacts provided in the workbook, the study team will be notified when CTRU has completed the feasibility review. The study is contingently approved based on the information provided at submission.
  5. Study Team is ready to On-board.
    1. When the study team is ready to commence work at CTRU, send an email to, noting the study number and PI, with “On-Board” in the subject line.
    2. Clinical in-service and lab on-boarding meetings are performed separately with the appropriate CTRU team. Meetings should occur a minimum of 10 days prior to scheduling your first participant encounter at CTRU.
  6. Study Active.
    1. CTRU will send an email to the study team confirming that the study is setup with CTRU cores and is ready to enroll first participant.