About the CTRU

Stanford’s Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU), is the institute’s largest research focused, ambulatory care, and laboratory services group, offering both adult and pediatric bedside, phlebotomy, dietary, and laboratory services across the research community.

The CTRU provides  clinical and translational research support that accelerates development and validation of novel therapeutics, bedside diagnostics, and other medical applications.

Accelerating Translational Research

The CTRU is at the frontier of precision health efforts across the research community. It is a primary backbone for accelerating the translation of bedside diagnostics and treatments and advancing research technologies into clinical applications.

On average, the center is supporting over 350 clinical research studies annually for more than 200 faculty members. The studies stretch across multiple medical disciplines, and many are first-in-human trials, with novel therapies that have been discovered and developed at Stanford.

The CTRU clinical team consists of highly specialized research nurses and other medical professionals to support these advanced human-subject trials. The laboratory personnel are set up to handle high-volume, longitudinal studies and disease registries that require advanced isolation and distribution of various biofluid and tissue specimens.

The CTRU supports research services in multiple locations, with the primary research clinic on Welch Road being proximal to Stanford Hospital and Clinics. The phlebotomy and lab services are also located to maximize same-day clinical trial services, while more advanced cellular isolations and other novel methodologies for specimen processing are located at Arastradero Road.

Supported by NIH-NCATS-CTSA

CTRU is supported by the Stanford CTSA Award from the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS), a component of the National Institutes of Health. Please cite the NIH-NCATS-CTSA grant # 5UL1TR003142.

In the News: CTRU-supported Research

CTRU Leadership Team

Ruth O' Hara, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Research

Mark Pegram, MD
Medical Director