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Application Instructions

The Cancer-Translational Nanotechnology Training (Cancer-TNT) Program is led by Drs. Jianghong Rao and Dean Felsher and funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).  The vision of this three-year postdoctoral fellowship program is to train a new generation of scientists with the skills and educational backgrounds from both enginering, chemistry, materials scinece, cancber biology and medicine. This program will provide the opportunity for talented scientists to learn the intracacies of merging nanotechnology with the biological and medical sciences, spefically for the use in cancer, in addition to becoming leaders for the rapidy growing field of cancer nanotechnology.

This program is a diverse and synergistic 3-year training program bringing together 25 faculty and 9 Departments from three schools to train the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders who will pursue challenges in cancer research and clinical translation.

To apply go to: CLICK HERE. You will need to upload all information below to the application site:

  1. Curriculum Vita
  2. Proof of US citizenship/permanent residency status
  3. Scanned copy of Undergraduate/Graduate GPA and GRE Scores
  4. Career goal statement (one page max)
  5. Research proposal describing a Nanotechnology-Cancer-Translational project (two page max). Include overall goal statement for compeling cancer research, project innovation and significance, and specific aims with reference to the nano-chemistry/engineering and cancer-biology/translational component
  6. Three letters of recommendation addressed to Dr. Jianghong Rao and e-mailed directly from referee to Billie Robles.


  1. MD or PhD degree
  2. At the time of the award, the candidate must be a US citizen, or a non-citizen national, or must have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence and possess an Alien Registration Card (1-151 or 1-551) or some other verification of legal admission as a permanent resident. See more information on trainee eligibility
  3. Should not have more than 3 years postdoc or research industry experience prior to the start of the fellowship program.

Application Deadline

June 15, 2020

Contact Information

Application inquiries to: 

Sofia Gonzales
Program Coordinator
Cancer-Translational Nanotechnology Traing (Cancer-TNT) Program
Stanford University School of Medicine