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INDICAS Study: Understanding the Mechanistic Interrelationship between Sleep, Co-Occurring Cannabis and Alcohol Use Disorder, and Neurocircuit Dysfunction during Early Abstinence

Recruitment age range: 25 - 65

Contact information for participant inquiries:   

Key words: sleep, alcohol use, cannabis use

Teen Sleep Study

Recruitment age range: 12-18

Contact information for participant inquiries: 

Key words: suicidal ideation, sleep, teen

Sleepless Warriors: Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Insomnia in Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Recruitment age range: 21+

Contact information for participant inquiries: (650) 852-3426; Click here for more info

Key words: insomnia, veterans, concussion

Looking to Understand Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease (L.U.N.A. Study)

Recruitment age range: 50-90

Contact information for participant inquiries:

Key words: sleep, neuropsychiatric symptoms, memory

Confluence of sleep, circadian rhythms, and the menstrual cycle on injury risk in women

Recruitment age range: 18-30

Recruitment gender: Healthy, young women not on hormonal birth control with a regular menstrual cycle and no significant injuries within the last 6 weeks

Contact information for participant inquiries:

Key words: injury risk, menstrual cycle, sleep

Targeting Insomnia Related Emotion Brain Dysregulation (TIRED-Brain Study)

Recruitment age range: 25-60

Contact information for participant inquiries:

Key words: sleep, depression, CBTI


Recruitment age range: 18-35

Contact information for participant inquiries: Marisol Duran at (650) 646-5443 or email, Emily Stenson at (323) 849-4044 or email, Megan Abels at (669) 245-6064 or email

Key words: sleep, circadian clock, alertness