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The Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences is dedicated to furthering innovation and discovery in interdisciplinary research on sleep and circadian rhythms. Members are researchers from many departments across multiple schools at Stanford University. The Center encompasses a comprehensive range of approaches, from molecules to behavior, from circuits to clinical trials, and from genes to technology, as well as expertise in the study of social economic, racial, gender, and other social determinants of sleep health.

Sleep and circadian rhythms are fundamental to human health and well-being. Leveraging expertise across disciplines of research, the Center will deepen knowledge about the fundamentals of sleep and circadian rhythms leading to interventions for the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders at the individual and societal levels. The vision for the Stanford Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences is to advance the field by inspiring new and bold ideas for basic and translational sleep research.

To stimulate ideas, share discoveries, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations the Center sponsors a variety of activities. These include the William C Dement seminar series, an annual retreat and theme focused workshops, a community outreach day, and seed funding to support Center trainees and faculty.

Rachel Manber, PhD
Co-Director, Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences

Jamie Zeitzer, PhD
Co-Director, Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences