Patient Care

Care of Critically Ill Patients at Stanford

The Critical Care Medicine service has been providing state of the art care for patients at Stanford with life-threatening conditions for almost 30 years. A comprehensive group of critical care attending physicians from Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Neurology and Surgery personally direct all care given to patients on the service, teaching programs for residents and students, and a complete fellowship program for those interested in a career in Critical Care Medicine.

The combined expertise of experienced attending Critical Care physicians together with highly skilled ICU nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists and nutritionists. Access to consultants in various specialties of medicine and surgery provide additional effective strategies for caring the patients with very complex and emergent problems.

The Critical Care service provides immediate consultation for patients in other wards of the hospital as well as in outside hospitals to expedite transfer to the ICU or to provide advice in management to decrease the need for intensive care therapy.

The goal of our service is to provide the most effective and immediate care possible to patients who become critically ill in the hope that they will both survive their acute illness, and eventually return to their previous state of health.