Leading The Way In Fellowship Education Training

A Message From Our Chief Fellows

We are a diverse group of fellows from all over the world.  We all come from different specialties (EM/IM/Anesthesia/Cardiology/Nephrology/Infectious Disease/Neurology/ and more!) and are united by our love for critical care.  We practice in a variety of settings including Stanford Hospital, the Palo Alto VA, and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.  We find balance between the Sierra Nevada mountains, San Francisco, wine country, and the Pacific Ocean.   Thank you for your interest and welcome to Stanford Critical Care!

A Message From Our Program Directors

Our mission is to offer a multidisciplinary fellowship training program that advances fellows’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the preparation to become competent critical care physicians and leaders in the field of critical care medicine. 

The goal of our program is to prepare the next generation of local, national, and international leaders in academic medicine and community practice. We do this through a multidisciplinary training approach with a robust faculty representation from multiple specialties in addition to exposure to different patient populations.  Additionally, we strive to recruit trainees from multi-specialty backgrounds, noting that our fellows learn from their colleagues and benefit from being part of a cross-discipline class.  We value diversity within the program. 

A Message From ICU Leadership

The Critical Care Medicine service has been providing state of the art care for patients at Stanford with life-threatening conditions since 1975. We are a comprehensive group of attending physicians from Anesthesiology, Pulmonary Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Neurology and we personally direct all care given to patients on the service. Our teams consist of interprofessional trainees and practitioners and represent our systems-based approach to improving the quality of care and life for patients in the ICU. We are a team of outstanding clinicians, scientists, and scholars dedicated to improving the lives of patients with life-threatening illnesses requiring intensive care.