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Packard Children’s Health Alliance and University Healthcare Alliance (PCHA-UHA) Research and Learning Collaborative

Dr. Wang co-directs the Packard Children’s Health Alliance (PCHA)-University Healthcare Alliance (UHA) Research & Learning Collaborative with Dr. Gary Shaw and Dr. Kenneth Mahaffey. The PCHA-UHA Research and Learning Collaborative is a collaborative between the Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine to create a practice based network in Northern California for research and eduction. The Collaborative aims to improve care for expectant mothers, children, and adults. For more information, please visit the PCHA-UHA website.

The Mission:

  • 1) establish a joint infrastructure for research and teaching between Pediatrics and Medicine for continuously improving the healthcare value for patients over the life course
  • 2) identify opportunities for enrolling patients in clinical trials and health services research, and to engage providers in quality improvement activities
  • 3) create a data mart for big data analytics and precision medicine.

Important Announcement: 2018 PCHA-UHA RLC and SCMGRC Research Grant Awardees

October 11, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

In May of 2018, the Packard Children’s Health Alliance-University HealthCare Alliance (PCHA-UHA) Research and Learning Collaborative (RLC) and the Stanford Community Medical Groups Research Consortium (SCMGRC) requested proposals for research focused on improving health outcomes through community-based research.

These funding bodies received many excellent proposals, each promising potential to improve patient care and advance research in the community-based ambulatory setting. After several weeks of deliberation, we are pleased to announce the 2018 PCHA-UHA RLC and SCMGRC Research Grant awardees:

Team-Based and Patient-Centered Management of Moderate and Severe Obesity in Primary Care
Obesity Management
SoM Principal Investigator: Lisa Goldman Rosas, PhD MPH
CMG Co-Collaborator: Annie Chern, MD
Funding Body: PCHA-UHA RLC

Implementation and Feasibility of Project ECHO® for Type 1 Diabetes (ECHO T1D) for Stanford Community Providers
Diabetes Management
SoM Principal Investigator: Nicolas Cuttriss, MD, MPH, FAAP
PCHA and CMG Co-Collaborators: Suruchi Bhatia, MD and Anand Mehta, MD
Funding Body: PCHA-UHA RLC

Preparing to PrEP: An EHR Support System and Virtual Clinic Delivering Specialized Primary Care to Support HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Adolescents and Young Adults
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
SoM Principal Investigator: Megen Vo, MD
PCHA Co-Collaborator: Geoffrey Hart-Cooper, MD
Funding Body: PCHA-UHA RLC

Hypertension Initiative
Hypertension Management
SoM Principal Investigators: Anuradha Phadke, MD; Amelia Sattler, MD; Megan Mahoney, MD; Manisha Desai, PhD; and Isabel Weng, MHS
CMG Co-Collaborators: Stanley Ng, MD; Michael Kim, MD; and Rachel Roberts, MD
Funding Body: SCMGRC

In Touch
Palliative Care Implementation
SoM Principal Investigators: Karl Lorenz, MD MSHS; Nancy Dudley, RN PhD; Catherine Brown Johnson, PhD; Winifred Teutenberg, MD; Stephanie Harman, MD; Manisha Desai, PhD; and Isabel Weng, MHS
CMG Co-Collaborator: Jenelyn Lim, MD
Funding Body: SCMGRC

Please join us in congratulating our researchers. We are excited to leverage Stanford Medicine’s cutting-edge resources to promote best practices and healthcare innovation in our community clinics and look forward to future Stanford Medicine collaborations.

Should you have any questions, please contact Erika Vijh, Provider Network Manager for the Community Medical Groups, at, and/or Kiera Larsen, Project Manager for the PCHA-UHA Research and Learning Collaborative, at For questions regarding PCHA projects, please contact Shilpa Jani, Project Manager for the PCHA-UHA Research and Learning Collaborative, at

PCHA-UHA RLC Executive Steering Committee
SCMGRC Executive Steering Committee