Adapt and Thrive in the “New Normal”

Recover, Restore and Re-open


Society has been greatly challenged by the pandemic. Health systems like Stanford Medicine have needed to address major operational challenges, implement new policies and guidelines to avoid disruption of patient care and ensure the well-being and safety of their employees, and develop frameworks to adjust and rebound within the COVID-19 environment. 

All other communities have been affected as well. People have been asked to follow social distance guidelines, change the patterns of their everyday lives and cope with this ever-changing environment — at the same time finding ways to stay connected and restore some sense of normalcy while keeping distance.

As we wait for scientists to develop treatments and vaccines, how can we cope with the “new normal”? How can we thrive in communities built around social distancing? What can health care systems and other organizations do to ensure that the actions we take today leave our communities healthier, both physically and mentally, in the future? These are tough questions that Stanford Medicine experts sought to answer.