Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

What is a Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery entails several surgeries to improve the shape, size, and function of your vaginal area. These procedures help to restore the soft tissue structures that have succumbed to the aging process. Vaginal rejuvenation is also beneficial for those women who suffer with discomfort and embarrassment due to excess vaginal tissue.

Vaginal rejuvenation includes clitoral hood reduction, labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, monsplasty, and vaginoplasty.

Am I a good candidate Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

  • You have redundant vaginal tissue that adversely affects your day to day life
  • You have decreased sexual function due to excess vaginal tissue

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is slowly becoming a more frequently performed procedure. Many women are too embarrassed to discuss their symptoms of vaginal discomfort and are unaware of the available treatment options. We have found that patients who undergo vaginal rejuvenation are often the most satisfied with their surgery. The liberation from the excess bulges and folds that once cast a dark cloud over their sexual relationships and dictated the types of clothing they wore is often reported as positive life changing event. Many patients proclaim they should have done it sooner.

The inner lips of your vagina, (labia minora) can be reduced and shaped symmetrically through a labiaplasty. The outer lips of your vagina, (labia majora) can likewise be reduced and reshaped through a labia majoraplasty.

Vaginal rejuvenation also corrects enlarged vaginal canals. Your plastic surgeon is able to tighten the walls of your vaginal canal and improve sexual function by performing a vaginoplasty.

If you have undergone massive weight loss or have simply developed an overhanging or enlarged mons pubis (the target area of a Brazilian wax), a monsplasty may be right for you.

A clitoral hood reduction decreases excess length and projection of the skin surrounding the clitoris. This surgery further exposes the clitoral glands of the clitoris and has been reported to improve sexual function.


  • Mild to moderate pain is expected, but this is well controlled with cold compresses, prescription and over the counter pain killers
  • Swelling is most pronounced 2-3 days after your surgery. This resolves significantly 2-3 weeks after surgery.
  • Itching is a common complaint during the first week, but this typically subsides by week 2.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity and sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks.
  • Most women return to work (desk job) 1.5-2 weeks after surgery.
  • Typically, all of the sutures are dissolvable and are gone by week 4.
  • Scarring from vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, majoraplasty, and clitoral hood reductions are usually undetectable by your gynecologist.

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