Better Choices, Better Health Workshops

About The Workshop

The Better Choices, Better Health workshop was developed from years from Stanford research and has been developed for individuals with ongoing health conditions.

This 6-week workshop is designed to help people feel better, manage symptoms, and gain confidence in their ability to lead active and purposeful lives. Healthy eating, exercise planning, communication skills, dealing with frustration, fatigue and pain, making informed treatment decisions and other disease-related problem solving will be explored. Then environment of mutual support and shared success helps to facilitate lasting positive changes.


How It Works

Meet with a small group of peers for 6 sessions. Throughout the sessions participants will manage weekly action plans, develop a healthy exercise and nutrition plan, and have the opportunity to learn from others as well as share your knowledge with the group.


Aside from learning to lead a healthier lifestyle, you will also receive a free copy of the Living Well with Chronic Conditions handbook and a relaxation CD.