News List

How to add a news list component to display news items on a page


The News List component allows an author to create news lists from the following Stanford Medicine web  sources:

  • News items from the Stanford Medicine News Center 
  • From pages on the author's site
  • From pages on other Stanford Medicine websites (must be built in AEM)


Depending on how a news list is created (see above), stories can be found using tags, search, specific pages, or from child pages on the author's site.  Some of these options require the author to submit a help ticket for custom configuration. 

List Display Options

Display options provide authors with layout options for a news list. Each display option includes one or more of the following elements:

  • Article title
  • Article Intro / Teaser
  • Date
  • Image
  • Ability to present the most recent article in the news list as a 'featured article'

Featured Articles

When using the standard, custom, or compact display options an author may choose to make the most recent article in the news list a 'featured article.' This option is visible on the 'options' tab in the news list component dialog. When this option is selected, the most recent article will be displayed more prominently than other stories in the news list.