Add styled headings to a webpage

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The Heading component is used to add headings to your web page that define content sections, give a title to a page, and are used for search engines to crawl web pages when an H1 heading is used. You can also link to other content, use the heading as an anchor, and select from different styles to display the heading.

Other Heading Features

  • Link & Text
  • Subheading Text
  • Anchor
  • Style

Dialog explained

Text & Link

You can add a link for the Heading. For external links be sure to use the correct format or click the magnifying glass to select a path to a page on your website.

Font Size

Select the font size in the drop down.

Subheading Text

Add subheading text is desired.


Select to use the heading as an anchor.


Choose a style. Standard style is the default in most cases and should be used.