Flip Panel

Flip panels make a site interactive by clicking an icon to "flip" and see content

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 Flip Panel

A Flip Panel component is used inside of a Panel Builder component. Flip Panels allow a web author to display content, whether an image, text, Feature Box, etc. on the front of the panel and when a user clicks the icon, the panel flips to display content on the back of the panel.

Flip Panel Features

Nearly any component can be dropped into either side of the Flip Panel. What is placed on the front panel depends on how content is targeted. An Image component about an event with a caption on the front panel can be clicked to show a Text component on the back panel. A Feature Box on the front

Dialog explained

Front Side

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Drag and drop, flip, repeat

Drag components into the front of the Flip Panel. Click the arrows to switch to the back of the Flip Panel. Drag components into the back of the Flip Panel.

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