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The Download Link component visually enhances a web page by adding an icon that denotes the link downloads a file versus simply being a hyperlink on a page. The icon separates a download link from a simple hyperlink on the page making it easier for site visitors to know what is a link to content or another page and what is a link to a downloadable file.

Other Download Link Features

  • Link Display Name
  • Add File Through Drag and Drop from the Content Finder


Dialog explained

Link Display Name

Type text for the link to display a name. Be descriptive and creative as the link also has an icon that represents the idea that a user should click the link to download the file.

Add a File

First add your documents to your site folder in AEM Assets (there should already be a folder for documents).  Next drag the file from the Content Finder to the component.  Don't drag a file directly from your computer to the component.  Always upload to AEM Assets first, then drag it from the Content Finder.

You can also see:

  • The file type
  • The file size
  • The reference link to the file

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