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Clinical Trials List

Display Clinical Trials on Your Pages

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The Clinical Trials List component allows you to create pages with different configurations to display various clinical trials. Display a single trial, a list of trials, or a count widget.

Please note: This component displays trials from the Stanford Medicine clinical trials site. It does not display trials from the federal government site.  



  • Display trials showing a summary, tabular view, or compact view
  • Show based on a wide range of criteria. Show it all or narrow down the results.
  • Display a single trial or a list of trials
  • Use the count widget to show the number of trials
  • Create your own list. If you manage various trials and want to show them together you can select to show different trials in a list.

Build Tips

For managing multiple trial entries

The default behavior when users click a trials entry is to expand details on the current page, temporarily removing any other listings. This works fine when there's only a few entries per page, but not ideal when there are more. Read on to discover the best method for your situation.

Few Trials | 2 - 4

When there are few trials to show, the default behavior (clicking a listing to expand on the current page) is usually sufficient, and there's typically no need for an additional details page. Additionally, the "Summary" visual layout is more applicable since there is space to show everything at once.

Many Trials | 4+

With this many trials your page should take the form of an index: listing all the entries, where clicking for details takes the user to a separate details page. This is a much better experience for users, reducing confusion and potential bugs. Plus, only one detail page needs to be created as the component detects where the user came from.