SUNet ID Page and Asset Protection Deprecation

Deprecation of SUNet ID protection in AEM

Due to an upcoming AEM security update, the SUNet page and asset protection feature must be deprecated. This change will be permanent and will go into effect on May 15, 2020. After this date any pages or assets using SUNet ID protection will be deactivated. 

Author action required

Authors are responsible for assessing their protected content and taking action (see below) no later than May 15, 2020. Please complete this brief form about your plans for protected content.

Using this form you may also request:

  • A list of your protected content 
  • A consultation with digital services 

Alternative options for protected pages

Carefully assess the content on your protected pages. Determine if the content truly needs to be protected, and if it does, define your audience. Child pages of a protected parent are protected by default, so be sure to review these pages.

The following questions may be used as guidelines to assist you with this decision.

  • Is the content publicly available on other Stanford websites? 
  • Who is your intended audience? 
  • Are you protecting documents on the page? 

For guidance about data classification storage requirements please see the data classification guide.

Option 1

Unprotect the page. Remember to activate the page once you have de-selected 'SUNet ID protection' in the page properties. 

Option 2

Unprotect the page and move protected documents to Stanford Medicine Box.  This option is suitable for pages with text whose primary purpose is to explain/support restricted documents. Your page will look exactly the same. In Box, configure settings so that document access is restricted to those with SUNet IDs.  Once you have moved documents to Box update website links to the document by replacing the DAM document link with the Box document link. Remember to unprotect and activate the page once you have updated links to the document.

Option 3

If content must remain protected and is not suitable for Stanford Medicine Box, you may move it to a MedWiki. Both options enable permissions to be set so that content is viewable by all users with a SUNet ID, or, limited to individual viewers or groups (currently users must have a SUNetID but access will be expanded to SHC and LPCH IDs later in 2020). MedWiki has a robust search function and is well suited for groups. 

Option 4

If content is frequently updated and lends itself to being viewed in a document, we strongly recommend moving it to Stanford Medicine Box

Content must be or unprotected or moved by Friday, May 15th. After May 15th pages and assets using SUNet ID protection will be deactivated.

Amazon Gift Card Drawing

Once you have unprotected, moved, or deactivated your protected content enter the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card! Every Friday in March a drawing will be held for four $25 Amazon gift cards for authors who have resolved all SUnet protected content. You must enter the drawing to be considered. Submissions must be receieved by 5 pm on Friday. Winners will be emailed on the Monday following each Friday's drawing. 

Help & Gift Card Raffle

Step 1: Review your content and determine how you will handle it.

Step 2: Complete this brief form about your content. Using this form you may also request a list of your protected content or a consult with digital services.

Step 3: Unprotect or move pages and assets. Remember to reactivate pages once you have unprotected them.

Step 4: Enter the Amazon gift card drawing! Every Friday in March four $25 Amazon gift cards will be raffled off to authors who have moved, unprotected, or deactivated protected content.