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Countering Global Neurological Burden Will Take Advocacy, Training

Neurologists involved in global health programs calls for more advocacy and training in neurologic disorders in developing countries around the world.

Wanted: Nancy Snyderman reflects on Ebola and calls for commitment to science literacy

Two years ago, Ebola jumped from the jungle into West African cities and ultimately the United States. As a physician-journalist for ABC and NBC News, I had covered tough stories around the globe — from epidemics to wars and refugee camps. But nothing prepared me for the drama and sociopolitical fallout from Ebola. We had all been watching the devastation from this epidemic play out from a distance in print and on television. With each compelling story, Ebola became increasingly tragic and exotic, yet it was safely oh-so-far away.



The Department of Biomedical Data Science Presents

“Machine Learning for Health and Equity & Health and Equity for Machine Learning”

Rumi Chunara
Associate Professor of Engineering (Computer Science) and Global Public Health (Biostatistics/Epidemiology), New York University

Thursday, May 6, 2021 | 2:30-3:50 PM PDT