Wellness Education

Our Mission

WellnessEd inspires a healthier, more vibrant university by teaching effective wellness theories and practices that empower students to positively transform their lives and their communities.

Our Vision

WellnessEd is the premier student wellness education and practice program at Stanford. Our WellnessEd curriculum is designed to inspire students to be the healthiest versions of themselves possible in the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical domains of wellness. The hallmark of the WellnessEd methodology for individual and community change is embodied in our motto: Learn, Apply, Transform. Our program instructors teach students the latest research-based wellness ideas and strategies. Resourced with this learning, students are supported in applying these practical wellness strategies to their own lives, thereby transforming their quality of living and impacting their social spheres in positive ways. In short, we train wellness change agents who change themselves in order to impact the world around them in meaningful ways.

WellnessEd actively collaborates with and supports partner programs within and outside of the Stanford community, such as Well-beingCoaching Corps, Vaden Health Center, LifeWorks, Outdoor Education, and others.

Our Values

Learn – Learn the most effective cognitive, emotional, social, and physical strategies that facilitate flourishing and wellness.

Apply – Apply these insights and strategies to your life, your social sphere, and the world around you.

Transform – Transform the way you live and impact the people around you. Live with deeper purpose, enhanced flourishing, greater resilience, and increased lifelong wellness.