The Contemplation by Design Summit is a campus-wide, multidisciplinary series of events.

Enjoy the power of the pause.

Oct. 9 - Nov. 2, 2022

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Below is the 2022 Summit Schedule.

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Free events will be offered Oct. 9 - Nov. 2, 2022, to further individual and community health and well-being, and creative excellence to serve the greater good in these unprecedented times.  Contemplation By Design is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, campus-wide program cultivating resilience, well-being, wisdom, compassion, and sustainable, ethical, purposeful service. Summit participants will have the opportunity to cultivate perspective, meaningful purpose, and contemplative practices that refresh and renew the mind-body-spirit.                   

Faculty, staff, students and the community are invited. Please register to reserve your place in the sessions. Thank you.

Contemplation Calendar

Oct. 9 - Nov. 2, 2022

All 2022 Summit sessions are FREE and online except for the in-person events in Memorial Church on Sunday, Oct. 16.

Mon 10/10/22

7:45-9:45am Healing Trauma in the Brain, Mind, and Body: A three-session series, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
3:00-5:00pm Polyvagal Theory, the Body and How to Heal Prevalent Aspects of Trauma, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Wed 10/12/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#1, Kum Nye Yoga: The Body's Recollection of Being—Inner Massage, Bruce Alderman, MA
10:00-11:30am Connecting to our Body as Healer, Peter Levine, PhD
12:00-1:30pm Integrating Embodied Mindfulness: 7 Principles for Actualizing the Benefits of Somatic Practice, Teja Bell (Fudo Myoo Rōshi)
5:15-6:30pm Body, Soul, and World: The holistic path of Jewish spirituality, Rebecca Schisler
7:00-8:15pm Homecoming: Applying Holistic Interventions and Liberation Psychology to Trauma Recovery, Thema Bryant, PhD

Thurs 10/13/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#2, Kum Nye: The Body’s recollection of Being—Tasing relaxation, Bruce Alderman, MA
8:30-9:45am Embodied Flourishing in Tibetan Medicine: Cultivating Wellness in Connection, Tawni Tidwell, PhD
12:15-1:30pm Taijiquan: Contemplative movement rooted in Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hong Yang, MBA
5:15-6:30pm iPause Guided practice#3, Establishing the Foundations for a Supportive and Flourishing Qigong Practice, Teja Bell (Fudo Myoo Rōshi)
7:00-8:30pm Patrisse Cullors in conversation with Elaine Ray about 12 Steps to Transform Yourself and the World

Fri 10/14/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#4, Kum Nye: The Body’s recollection of Being—Integration, Bruce Alderman, MA
12:15-1:45pm Radical Responsibility: Integrating individual and collective responsibility for personal and social transformation, Fleet Maul, PhD
5:15-6:30pm iPause Guided practice#5, The skill of whole body breathing and synchronous movement, Teja Bell (Fudo Myoo Rōshi)

Sat 10/15/22

1:00-3:00pm Radical Responsibility: Skill-building for self-empowerment and personal freedom (Interactive Workshop), Fleet Maul, PhD
3:30-5:00pm Tai Chi, Taoist Movement Practices, Hong Yang, MBA (interactive Workshop)
5:15-6:30pm Integrated Holistic Yoga: Mindfully Embodied Practice to Cultivate Healing and Resilience, Christiane Brems, PhD
7:00-8:30pm The Awakened Brain: The new science of spirtuality and our quest for an inspired life, Lisa Miller, PhD

Sun 10/16/22

11:00-12:00pm University Public Worship (UPW), "Calm in Tumult," Rev. Aaron Grizzell (In-person in Stanford Memorial Church)
12:15-1:15pm Guided Meditation, Rev. Aaron Grizzell (In-person in Stanford Memorial Church)
3:00-4:30pm iPause Guided practice#6, Pranayama, Yoga Breathing Practices Richard Rosen
5:15-6:30pm iPause Guided practice#7, Deepening the profound integration spirit, mind, and body, Teja Bell (Fudo Myoo Rōshi)
7:00-8:30pm The Wisdom of the Labyrinth: Its History, Mystery, and Modern Uses, Lauren Artress, D. Min

— We look forward to continuing the 2022 Summit experiences with you on Oct. 28 through Nov. 2 in the sessions listed below. —

Fri 10/28/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#8, Tia Rich, PhD
9:00-10:30am Five-Elements Qigong, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA
12:15-1:30pm Sameness and Difference, Diane Musho Hamilton
4:30-5:45pm A Brief History of Qi, Heiner Freuhauf, PhD

Sat 10/29/22

9:00-9:45am iPause Guided practice#9, A Calm Heart: Qigong for the Fire Phase/Element, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA
10:15-11:30am Contemplative Neuroscience, Yi-Yuan Tang, PhD
12:30-2:00pm Internal Alchemy Qigong: A Practical Introduction to the Cultivation of Qi, Heiner Freuhauf, PhD (Interactive Workshop)
3:00-5:30pm Integrated Holisitc Yoga: Mindfully Embodied Practice to Cultivate Health and Resilience Workshop, Christiane Brems, PhD and Heather Freeman, PsyD (Interactive Workshop)

Sun 10/30/22

9:45-10:30am iPause Guided practice#10, Effortless Rest: Qigong for the Water Phase/Element, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA
11:00-12:30pm Healing Collective Trauma, Thomas Hübl
1:00-3:00pm Evolving World Views, Diane Musho Hamilton
4:00-4:45pm iPause Guided practice#11, Yoga Nidra 

Mon 10/31/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#12, Balancing Opposing Forces: Qigong for the Earth Phase/Element, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA

Tues 11/1/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#13, Rooted Resilience: Qigong for the Wood Phase/Element, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA

Wed 11/2/22

7:30-8:15am iPause Guided practice#14, Nourishing Our Grief: Qigong for the Metal Phase/Element, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, MA

All Contemplation By Design SummitTM sessions are FREE. If you wish to make a donation, please do so here.
We look forward to being with you in the Summit sessions you attend.

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