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Top five Box Drive questions answered

The cloud is a great place to store and manage files, but many people still like to work from their desktop. With Box Drive, you can do both.

Box Drive is a software app that lets you access and edit Stanford Medicine Box files from your desktop – without having to download them.  Because files remain stored on the cloud, your content stays secure and very little hard drive space is used.

How does Box Drive work?

Box Drive adds a folder to your computer named Box that displays your entire Stanford Medicine Box file tree. When you click on a file, it’s immediately downloaded so you can open it as if it were on your desktop. After you save a file, it’s immediately uploaded back to Medicine Box.

How do I find the files I want in Box Drive?

If you use a Mac, you can access Box Drive by opening 'Finder,' and selecting the Box folder in the sidebar under 'Devices.' If you use Windows, you can access Box Drive by opening Explorer and navigating to the folder named Box.  

Once you open the Box folder, you’ll see all of the contents that are in 'All Files' on Medicine Use Box Drive’s search bar to quickly find any file or folder you need.

Can I work on my files when I’m offline?

If you’re traveling or working on the go, you can mark content to be available for offline use. Box Drive downloads the content to your device’s hard drive so you can work when you’re not connected to the internet. Changes made while offline will automatically and immediately be synced to Medicine Box once you get back online. To work offline, right click on the desired file or folder, and select 'Make Available Offline.'

Does Box Drive have collaboration features?

Yes! Box Drive enables you to share files from your desktop.  Right click on the file you’d like to share to find options to copy or email a link or manage collaborators.

If you’re working on a document with others, your changes are automatically uploaded and downloaded in real-time, so you and your team members can see each other’s revisions if you’re online. If you want to prevent other users from making changes to the document while you’re working on it, you can lock the file for editing. To do this, right click on the document and select 'Lock File.' Just remember to unlock the file when you’re done editing!

What do all those icons by my documents mean?

Box Drive icons tell you at a glance the status of your files and folders.  Here's what they represent.

For more information

For instructions on how to download Box Drive and other resources, navigate to Box Drive for School of Medicine Users on IRT's Collaboration Tools webpage. For more information on Stanford Medicine Box, visit Stanford Medicine Box.