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Why it's time to say goodbye to Windows 7

Microsoft is ending support for its aging operating system. Take action now to keep your data safe and secure.

All good things must come to an end and Windows 7 is no exception.

Microsoft has started notifying users that its support for the decade-old operating system is nearing the end. That means the software giant will stop providing security patches, leaving Windows 7 devices increasingly vulnerable.

To remain compliant with Stanford's security standards and keep data secure, all Windows 7 users must take action. If you're using the older operating system, IRT technicians can help you create a personalized remediation plan. The plan may involve upgrading to Windows 10, replacing your device, or implementing an alternative solution. 

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Why Upgrading is Critical

Running an old, unsupported operating system puts your computer at risk, and it’s not only your device that’s affected. Compromised machines can be used to attack others, so unsupported devices leave the entire organization vulnerable to costly data security compromises and HIPAA or FERPA violations. 

Upgrading to the Windows 10 operating system will improve your efficiency and lower your risk. And you may be surprised how much you like the added features and simplified yet more robust user interface.