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You're in the School of Medicine Slack Workspace, right?

Even if your team has its own workspace, don't miss out on this important source for news, announcements, and school-wide conversations.

If you’re a member of the School of Medicine community in Slack, you should join the School of Medicine workspace —even if your team has a workspace of its own.

When you join the School of Medicine workspace, by default you’ll become a member of the #som_all_announcements channel. And that’s great news! When you participate in this channel, you’ll get important medical school news and announcements delivered to you in Slack.  As the community grows, you—and everyone else —will have an easy and effective way to share your information or ask questions across different departments and units. All people inside the School of Medicine workspace can post to #som_all_announcements.

Joining the workspace is simple

How do you get started? From your desktop, click your name in the top left. Next, click “Find more workspaces.” Browse the workspaces available to you, and request to join “School of Medicine.” Remember, you can be a member of more than one Slack workspace.

If you’d like others on your team to join the School of Medicine workspace, you can invite them. To do this, click your workspace name in the top left and select “Invite Members.” You can invite multiple people at the same time.

If your team doesn’t have its own workspace, you can create a channel on the School of Medicine workspace for your group. You can create new channels for different groups, projects, events, or whatever else is relevant to your team. 

If your team isn’t on Slack yet, you can create a Slack account and join the School of Medicine workspace, if you have a SUNet ID.

If you have questions about joining the School of Medicine workspace, or any other Slack related issues, contact the IRT Service Desk  at 650-725-8000. For more information on Slack and other collaboration tools visit


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