Tips and Tricks

Dashlane Password Manager available at no cost

This great software lets you delegate the job of managing impenetrable passwords.

Dashlane Premium password manager is now available free of charge to all current faculty, staff, and students at the Stanford School of Medicine with an active email account.
Dashlane securely stores your passwords in the cloud and keeps them synchronized across all your devices – including your personally-owned devices – so you no longer have to remember them.  Dashlane can also help you create unique, strong passwords for the sites you visit and the apps you use. You can even use Dashlane for Epic and other hospital accounts. If you like, Dashlane can further simplify your computing by automatically logging you into websites. And no one else, including Stanford or Dashlane, can access your passwords.

Why use a password manager

Everyone knows you should create strong passwords and not reuse them. But keeping track of an ever-growing list of passwords for your personal and work accounts is a challenge. By using a password manager, you can protect your accounts with complex passwords and you’ll only need to remember one master password

How to get started

You can learn more about Dashlane and other Stanford-approved password managers at To begin using Dashlane, see the “Get Started” section. For additional security, it’s important that you protect your Dashlane account with a strong master password that you’ve never used anywhere else and Two-Factor Authentication.

Need help?

If you have questions about Dashlane or using a password manager, call the IRT Service Desk at 650-725-8000.