Stars of Stanford Medicine

Vivian Jones


Office of Facilities Planning & Management
School of Medicine

Vivian Jones’s job is to make Stanford workspaces both functional and beautiful.

In her role as a project coordinator in the Office of Facilities Planning and Management, Jones orchestrates the renovation of older buildings on the medical school campus.

Anyone who has lived through a remodeling project appreciates how challenging this job can be. It requires a thoughtful balancing of the needs of people who work in the buildings, the dreams of the architects and the budget constraints of a non-profit institution. It also takes someone with a keen attention to detail to hold fast to a project’s scope, budget and schedule, while managing the work of many consultants and contractors.

Vivian is one of the most diligent and dedicated employees on my staff

“Vivian is one of the most diligent and dedicated employees on my staff,” said Niraj Dangoria, associate dean for facilities planning and management. “Over the years, she has continued to grow professionally and technically. It is a pleasure to see her flourish, all the while enjoying what she does.”

Jones is currently finishing up an interior refresh of the Beckman Center, the home of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and about 50 scientists. Designed almost 30 years ago, the building received an exterior refresh a few years ago, but the building’s public spaces and common facilities needed a makeover as well. This new project enabled the office to bring many facets of the building into compliance with current laws.

A small but important addition was the creation of wellness rooms, which are often used by breastfeeding mothers. Before, the only available space for mothers was behind a curtained partition in the women’s restroom. The new wellness rooms are equipped with a sink, refrigerator and comfortable furniture.

Jones’s favorite in-progress project is the construction of a new lab space for a cancer researcher who is moving from Emory University to Stanford. This project is more than a cosmetic fix: It requires biosafety cabinets and hoods, chemical and fire safety precautions, and a complex set of engineering and regulatory approvals.

One of the things that Jones loves the best about working at Stanford are the inspirational speakers that the university attracts. Since she arrived in 1999, Jones has been able to listen to and chat with leaders and artists such as Condoleezza Rice, Angela Davis, Oprah and Harry Belafonte. Her favorite visitor was the American fashion designer Zak Posen, whose work inspires her.

“I loved hearing about his philosophy in art and design. And how he uses and color and curves,” said Jones.

Story and photo by Kris Newby.