Stars of Stanford Medicine

Ray Jackman


Office of Medical Student Affairs

Ray Jackman guides students through their four years of medical school.

In his role as medical student advising coordinator, Jackman is equal parts coach, cheerleader and deadline taskmaster. He does more than helping students through the labyrinth of medical school processes and deadlines; he goes above and beyond to personalize and enrich the journey for each future doctor.

Ray would walk on hot coals for our students

“Ray would walk on hot coals for our students,” said Mijiza Maláne Sanchez, MPA, EdD, associate dean of the Office of Medical Student Affairs.

When Jackman came to Stanford five years ago, he thought of himself more as a details-guy than a people-person. During the day, he installed complex wireless telephony equipment in office buildings. In his spare time, he meticulously restored classic cars. Soon he began to feel restless with the same routine, so he took a temporary position at the medical school’s admissions office while he contemplated his next move.

His first task was to help organize and process the more than 6,000 medical student applications that flow into Stanford Medicine in the fall. His job soon expanded when he agreed to become the God-like intercom voice that directed candidates through a newly launched interview process, a speed-dating approach where students move through a timed circuit of short interviews and scripted scenarios. The mini-interviews, which are monitored by admissions staff over video, were designed to assess the character and critical-thinking skills of candidates.

Ray is the ultimate team player...

After a few months, he realized that he loved the camaraderie in the admissions office, and decided to stay on when a permanent position became available.

“Ray is the ultimate team player and is the first person to volunteer to help out, whether it is weekend programs like the annual field day competition, commencement or evening events. Even when they go late into the evening, Ray is there,” said Sanchez.

Story and photo by Kris Newby.