Pandemic Puzzle Session #3: Tracking and Mitigating a 21st Century Pandemic

Thursday, Oct. 28 from 10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. PT

H1N1. MERS. Ebola. SARS-CoV-2. Infectious disease outbreaks have struck with alarming frequency throughout the start of the 21st Century – and will continue to do so. As we contend with COVID-19, how can we prepare for, and possibly prevent, the next pandemic? This half-day session will convene leading epidemiologists, technologists, public health advocates, and government leaders to discuss how to improve and modernize critical elements of any global response – including public health interventions, data systems, surveillance technologies, supply chains, and strategic stockpiles – to blunt the impact of emerging infectious diseases. Learn more and register for the event.

October 20 - Making a comeback

In the past few decades, researchers have devised methods to manipulate the brain and central nervous system to help the paralyzed move, enable the blind to see, and move closer to restoring lost cognitive abilities. Read the full article in Stanford Medicine Magazine.

October 12 - “90 Seconds with Lisa Kim”: How to help kids sleep better

Is your kid having trouble sleeping? According to a Stanford Medicine study, children who learned techniques such as deep breathing and yoga slept longer and better, even though the curriculum didn’t instruct them in improving sleep. In this latest installment of “90 Seconds with Lisa Kim,” Lisa Kim catches up with Victor Carrión, MD, on how mindfulness training helps kids sleep better.

Lisa Kim is senior manager of media relations for Stanford Medicine. She has a deep background in journalism and is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has covered stories on both the national and local levels. Victor Carrión, MD, is the John A. Turner Professor and vice-chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University. He is also director of the Stanford Early Life Stress and Resilience Program. Learn more about the study here.

October 13 - Department of Medicine Hispanic Heritage Month Inclusion Rounds: Poetry and the Importance of Voice In Diverse Illness Experiences

On Thursday, Oct. 21 from 12 - 1 p.m. the Department of Medicine’s Diversity and Inclusion Council will host a Hispanic Heritage Month Inclusion Rounds featuring Dr. Rafael Campo, a physician and poet. Dr. Campo will join us to discuss Cultural Competence: Poetry and the Importance of Voice In Diverse Illness Experiences.

Learn more

October 4 - Important Health Check update for SoM employees entering health system facilities

Starting Oct. 1, faculty, staff, and postdocs will be required to complete a health check attestation when entering health system facilities, including hospitals and clinics.

Learn more.

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