The power of humility and optimism in health equity advocacy

During a leadership summit chat with Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor, Chelsea Clinton discusses a moral imperative to stay optimistic in her advocacy for health equity. Read the Stanford Medicine magazine story.

May 17 - From Mandarin to Triqui Bajo, Stanford Medicine interpreters speak our patients’ language

Stanford Medicine's medical interpreters provide a vital service: to ensure every patient is understood. Read more.

May 14 - Culture in care

The current state of mental health care is tailored to the majority population. Within a health care system tailored to the majority population, five therapists answer questions about supporting marginalized communities’ mental health needs. Read the Stanford Medicine magazine story.

May 13 - Meet Mildred Cho, AI ethicist

In this new series about unique roles at Stanford Medicine, meet Mildred Cho, PhD, an AI ethicist who focuses on the ethical and social issues raised by new technologies such as AI, genetic testing and gene therapy. Read more.

May 6, 2024 - Stanford Medicine magazine: Psychiatry’s new frontiers

Stanford Medicine magazine’s new issue explores the nation’s mental health crisis and advances in psychiatric research and care offering hope for relief. Read the new issue.

Feb. 7, 2022 - One-stop resource: respiratory illness-related updates

This one-stop shop has been curated for Stanford Medicine employees to reference the latest COVID-19 testing, isolation and booster updates. Please use this page to find the most current information.

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