Program Core Requirements

Program Curriculum

The Master’s Degree requires completion of 45 units and submission of a Master’s thesis. The required core courses are listed below. In order to fulfill the remaining unit requirement, students will enroll in additional COMPMED 260- Laboratory Research units each quarter to receive credit for lab work. If relevant to career goals, students may also enroll in elective courses that are deemed necessary/appropriate by their PI.


Core Course
Course Title
Repeat Unit(s)
COMPMED 200 One Health Journal Club
x2 1
Research Biomethodology for
Laboratory Animal Science
COMPMED 205 Animal Use in Biomedical Research   3
COMPMED 209 Laboratory Animal Medicine Seminar   1
COMPMED 210 Form and Funkiness of Lab Animals:
Anatomy, Histology and Patholgoy
COMPMED 211 Biostatistics for the Life Sciences
COMPMED 290 Laboratory Animal Science Professional Development and Career Exploration x3 1
Masters Laboratory Animal Science Practicum/Laboratory Research   1-18
Directed Reading in Compartive Medicine   1-18
Department Electives
Must obtain approval from PI for any electives
COMPMED 103 Equine Medicine   2
COMPMED 114 Introduction to Veterinary Medical Terminology   2
COMPMED 123 Immunology of Infectious Disease   2
Vertebrate Brain Evolution   2
BIOS 285
Rodent Animal Models

Master’s Thesis:

Students must complete a master's thesis, which may take the following form:

  1. Original analysis of original data.
  2. A comprehensive literature review with a meta-analysis of data or a critical reanalysis of data.
  3. Evaluation of a methodological problem using real data.
  4. A comprehensive literature review with a grant proposal (NIH style format) for a new study to bridge a gap in the existing knowledge.

Students typically complete their required courses in 2-3 quarters and spend their final 2 - 3 quarters working on their thesis project.

Updated November 23, 2020